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Laboratory and Research

            Our Services The company is providing Laboratory facilities for quality testing of Construction Material like Cement, Aggregate, Bitumen, Gabion Wire and Core cutting etc. as listed below:  

                 AGGREGATE TEST  
               1    Aggregate Impact Value (AIV)  
               2   Flakiness Index (FI)  
               3   Field Density Test  
               4   Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit& Plasticity Index  
               5   Los Angeles Abrasion Test (LAA)  
               6   Organic Impurities of fine Aggregate  
               7   Proctor Compaction Test  
               8   Rapid Determination of CBR by DCP  
               9   Specific Gravity of Coarse Aggregate  
             10   Specific Gravity of Fine Aggregate  
             11   Seive Analysis  
             12   Sodium Sulphate Soundness(5 Cycle)  
             13   Sampling from Surface,Base,Sub-base & Sub grade  
                 CEMENT & CONCRETE  
               1   Compressive Strength Test of Concrete Cube  
               2   Making Mortar Cubes (70.7mm*70.7mm*70.7mm)  
               3   Making Concrete Cubes (15cm*15cm*15cm)  
               4   Normal Consistency of Cement  
               5   Slump Test of Concrete Mix  
               6   Setting Time of Cement  
               7   Mix Design of Concrete ( Various Grade)  
               1   Determination of Bitumin Content (2kg big bowl)  
               2   Determination of Bitumin Content (1kg small bowl)  
               3   Ductility Test  
               4   Flash and fire Point Test  
               5   Viscosity  
               6   Loss on Heating of Asphalt  
               7   Penetration Test  
               8   Penetration of Residue  
               9   Solubility Test of Bitumin  
             10   Softening Test  
             11   Stripping value Test  
             12   Water Content  
             13   Marshall Design/ Core Cutting of Asphalt  
                 G.I Wire  
               1   Adhesion Test  
               2   Determination of Tensile Strength  
               3   Determination of zinc Coating  
               4   Uniformity of Zinc coating  
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